Handling and Storage

  • Store and carry your frames back-to-back, so the hanging screws don’t scratch the front of the frame underneath.
  • Avoid carrying your picture by the wire - it's not designed for the added tension from “walkers bounce”.
  • Don't leave your pictures in the car. Condensation attracts mould growth, and the heat can cause the conservation tapes to loosen.
  • Avoid hanging your picture near the stove, in the bathroom or even on walls that form the exterior of a building, as these areas can have dramatic temperature and humidity changes.
  • Spray glass cleaner on your cloth, not directly on the glass. The liquid can run under the lip of the frame and under the glass.
  • Never store in a shed where extreme temperature fluctuations will occur. Preferably store wrapped and upright.

Cleaning and Restoration

  • If your painting (on paper or canvas) is damaged, dull or dirty, we can arrange for it to be cleaned and restored.
  • cleaning
  • Oil paintings and some acrylics are finished with a coat of varnish or linseed oil. The purpose of this is to provide a protective shield against environmental dirt and grime. It provides the same protection that glass gives to a work of art on paper. Over the years, this coating collects particles from smoke, dust and pollutants.
  • A professional will carefully remove this layer, and refinish with a new coating. Then your artwork can be enjoyed for many more years.

Check your pictures regularly

This is particularly important in Darwin's climate. Once a year you should take each item off the wall and have a close look to see if it needs any maintenance.

Check the back

In Darwin's hot weather, the backing tape is usually the first thing to show deterioration. If the tape is brittle, torn, is lifting or has any holes, bring the frame in and we will retape the back at no cost. This is the easiest form of preventative maintenance, and is essential to guard against deterioration. The tape seals the whole 'package' from moisture, dust, and damaging insects.

Check the mat

If there are any spots of discoloration or mould on the mat, you should have the mat replaced. Because the glass rests against the mat there is little air circulation, so the mould will appear on the mat before it affects your art. This is one of the advantages of having a proper mat border around your art.

Check the art

If the art has a dark fringe around the bevel area of the mat, the mat is in serious need of replacement. If the art has mottled darker areas the backing board is causing acid-burn to your artwork. This should only happen if incorrect materials have been used, such as cardboard or masonite. Such materials are still used by some southern framers, but are bad news in the Darwin climate.

Also look for fading. This might be more difficult to ascertain until you can see the original colour beneath the mat, but if you do notice colour shifts, replacing standard glass with the UV-filtering variety will help prevent additional fading.

Check the frame

Look for any splits or cracks, check the hanging system on the back for any unravelling of the wire or fraying, or the wood splitting around any screws.