The correct placement and hanging is important if you want to get the most enjoyment from looking at your pictures. While some options come down to personal choice, there are some suggestions that can make your pictures look better.

bedGenerally, hang them at eye level. The most common mistake people make is hanging their pictures way too high. As a rule of thumb, position the center of the picture about 5’ 6” above the floor. This is the most common eye level position but if it doesn’t seem quite right, raise or lower it a few inches.

However, if a picture is usually seen while viewers are seated, such as in offices or dining areas, hang it at seated eye level.

dining-roomIf you want to group pictures of different sizes, lay them on the floor first, and stand well back to see how it looks, or better still, stick some brown paper on the walls in different positions.


Fixing to the wall

We finish our frames with 2 "D" rings screwed into the wood and a wire or kevlar cord attached. For best hanging effect, these are set 1/3 of the distance from the top of the frame.

For large or heavy frames it is best to put 2 hooks on the wall and hang the picture from both "D" rings, not using the wire or string. This distributes the weight evenly between 2 points.

You will need to consider the type of wall material, before attaching a hook. We have a variety of screws and hooks for sale, and can advise you on the best choice for your needs.

Heavy mirrors

Avoid the use of picture wire, hang directly from D-rings. Rather than traditional hooks, use wall anchors that go through the wall sheet and lock onto it. Better still, use a HANGMAN system. Different sizes for different weights 33kg - 135 kg! Screw one side onto the frame, and the other onto the wall (bolt-in spirit level).

To prevent theft

Security hangers area available that firmly hold all sides of the frame in place on the wall. A special key tool is needed to lock and unlock the hangers. These are generally used in public places but are also good where the frame may easily be bumped.