Picture Hanging Systems


...Want a better way to hang pictures?

If you have a lot of pictures on your walls, or you don't want to (or are not allowed to) put holes all over the walls, or you want to be able to change the arrangement from time to time, then we recommend using a hanging system.

Though traditionally used in galleries, hanging systems are becoming more and more popular in rental properties and in homes. They look clean and smart, and are now quite affordable.

We supply 2 different systems. Peter can explain the subtle differences between the products.

We can help you to work out what you need. And if you're not a handyman, we can even recommend a carpenter who is familiar with installing these systems!


The Arti Tec System

Fitting a hanging system into your home interior is easily and quickly done with the Click Rail.

In three steps the rail is fastened to the wall; and with perlon(clear plastic tube) or steel wires as well as picture hooks for various weights, your artwork can be hung at any height and is easily changed.

Railings come in 2m and 3m lengths, and can be easily cut or joined. They come in brushed aluminium, soft white, or primer (so you can paint it to match a feature wall).

Step 1: Fastening Clips

Determine the place where Click Rail is to be mounted If ceiling is uneven leave a space of approximately 5mm between the clips and the ceiling. This simplifies drilling the clips and prevents a crooked assembly. Mark the drill holes for the fastening clips Mount a fastening clip every 40cms by means of screws and plugs Also mount a fastening clip on the dividing line of the rails if you want to connect several lengths of rail. (the clips are also rail connectors).

Step 2: Placing Rail on Clips

Click the rail onto the mounted clips (starting from the top side if the space between the clips and the ceiling allows this.)

Step 3: End Caps and Connectors

Place the end caps (if desired) into the ends of the rail for a neat finish. Place the corner connectors (if desired) into the rail for a connection of lengths in inside as well as outside corners.

Step 4: Hanging Pictures

Finally place the desired hanging systems into the click rail Tip: For attaching the click rail to a concrete/stone wall standard plugs of 6mm are used. If the click rail is to be mounted to a plaster or hollow wall it is advised to use special plugs.