We print on high quality photo paper and textured art paper, using archival inks. So why buy other people's art when you can display your own! You'd be surprised how some of your ordinary photos can be made into something really special, that your happy to display. We can also use your photos to produce a customised image, where they are combined into one picture.



Not digital? That's OK, we can scan your photos and clean them up to produce good digital files. Its usually best to print from the original digital file, but sometimes this is just not possible. Either the files are not available, or they never existed, maybe they were old photos from film negatives. We can scan them, and then reprint. If the image can be improved, we will use our photo restoration skills.

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Photo Restoration

We can scan your photos and then repair and adjust them on the computer to make better images for printing. For example, we can alter the colours, remove scratches and tears or water damage, remove unwanted sections, increase the contrast and brightness or sharpen the image.